• Generative Art

    Generative art refers to artworks which have fully or partly been created with the use of an autonomous (non-human) system and which are determined by algorithms. They usually appear in conventional forms of art, such as poems or animated visuals, and can either operate autonomously or incorporate inputs from a user or the environment.


    Levi's Unbuttoned Kranensee Grelle Forelle Tensor PRATERSAUNA 2.0
  • Motion Design / Animation

    Motion Design sets images in motion through the use of animation or film techniques. The output is video content created with methods of 2D / 3D animation, motion graphics, stop motion and filming.


    Tensor Neon Golden x Absolut Warhol SACRED GROUND FESTIVAL TOWER Intel Visual Life: CES
  • Visual Event Design

    Visual Event Design refers to the process of creating an ambience for different events by using visuals and lighting. These visuals represent a brand, message or theme and usually combine modern event lighting with experimental lighting and projection technologies, such as projection mapping or LED setups.


    VOLNA The Magic Flute Intel Visual Life: Cannes Film Festival SONIC CUBES Kranensee